it project strategies

Concepts and Principles

All project concepts and principles are detailed out, listed and documented. Attention to detail and efficient project coordination.


Risk and Finances

Risk assessments, analysis, and change control are to be considered. And finance and procuement forecasts are to be calculated at every stage of the project. 


Staffing and Resources

Ensuring the right people and resources are provided with the correct skill-set to take on board the duties and responsibilities of the project.

We will always consider Project Planning Strategies:



Project Planning Strategies;


Project Scheduling: Backwards and Forward Planning

Project Success: Found in the Eye of the Beholder

Testing Project Deliverables: From Concept to Production

Managing the Project Selection Process

Get Your Project on the Fast Track

Outsourcing Project Work: Choice or Necessity?

The Project Queue: Keeping Customers Informed and Motivated

Smooth Transitions: Planning Project Closure

Delivering the Successful Project Kickoff


Concepts and Principles (The Project-Speak Series);


Assumptions and Constraints


Critical Path


Document Management

Lessons Learned


Quality Management

Project Management Standards

Project Office

Project Planning Definitions

Project Steering Committees

Project Sizing

Requests for Proposals

Resource Management Glossary

Status Reporting

Work Breakdown Structure


Risks, Issues and Change Control;


Organize to Audit and Improve Project Performance

Identifying Risks, Controlling Risks, Practices and Procedure

Project Closure: Graceful Exits from Troubled Projects

Issues Management: From Onset to Resolution

Control Rogue Projects in Four Easy Steps

Controlling Chaos: Managing Change Requests

Facing Up to Unexpected Project Delays


Finances and Procurement;


Calculating the Costs of Quality

Managing the Proposal Process with the RFP

Estimating and Tracking Project Costs


Staffing and Resource Management;


Assigning Project Roles and Responsibilities

Evaluating Project Team Performance

Creating Project Job Descriptions

Delegate: It's Easier Than You Think

Is Your Project Team Ready?

Organizing Successful Project Teams

Tailor Made: Matching Project Responsibilities to Project Needs

Project Outsourcing: By Choice or Necessity

Plan for Limited Resources and Make the Most of It


Focus on IT Projects;


The Role of the End-User in IT Projects

Planning the Technology Migration Project

Project Management in the IT Environment

Projects and IT: Acknowledge the Driving Force

Project Planning Strategies;


Concepts and Principles (The Project-Speak Series);


Risks, Issues and Change Control;


Finances and Procurement;


Staffing and Resource Management;


Focus on IT Projects;


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