service pricing

Home PC Charges

Home PC/Laptop users will receive a FREE PC diagnostics check, charged for the 'PC Clean Up', and will be charged accordingly for other support services.


Business Desktop Charges

Business Desktop Support will be charged as detailed below but the first 1-5 PCs will receive a FREE PC diagnostics check.


Business Clients

The ITFortress will conduct a FREE Site Survey before providing service charges and will be done so based on the clients requests.


You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account for this payment method.


We just process your card details through the PayPal 100% Secured Payments method.


All Home User Remote Services are paid for over the phone using 'Secured Payments by PayPal before services are conducted.


For Business IT Services, clients will be invoiced based on services, requirments, and durations independantly.


Below are details of service charges for 2 categories; the Home User, and the Business Client




Free System Diagnostics Session

(This session takes no longer than 10 mins per PC)



We offer a FREE no obligation Home PC/Laptop 'System Diagnostics' session. This is what we call our '10-point system check' and we will check the following areas of your system;




Hard-Drive capacity, CPU (Processor) utilisation, RAM (Memeory) utilisation and capacity


Operating System Services:


We will further check hardware statistics and software configurations


We will take a look at your 'System Settings' and 'Components'


We will take a look at 'Event Viewer' and analyse your most recent 'System/Security/Application' message logs


We will take a quick look at the programs you have installed


We will take a look at your basic Firewall/Anti-Virus settings


We will also have a look at your system security settings


Your web browser configuration will be analysed


Also a look at your services and processes running on your system


And, we will have a look at your network connections and settings



Once the diagnostics session is finished a report will be drafted and emailed to you for your records.


From this information you will be able to determine whether you require any further services such as our 'PC/Laptop Clean Up', 'Operating System' and 'Services' configuration, removal of Spyware, Adware, Malware, or any other kind of virus.


You may require updates/hotfixes/service packs/patches to be installed, other software upgrades, Add/Remove Programs, lock-down your system in view of security, install 'Child Protection' and 'System Monitoring' software, configure your system to take regular Back Ups and Restore Points, and the list goes on.




PC/Laptop 'Clean Up' Session

(This will take between half-hour - 2 hours per PC)


We offer our PC/Laptop 'Clean Up' session for £25 + VAT and the the 'Clean Up' session can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to conduct depending on the state of the PC/Laptop.


The time it takes for some of the services to run will be longer if none, or hardly any house keeping as been applied on your PC/Laptop.


(Please note, we will not need to keep you on the phone, nor will you need to be sat in front of your PC/Laptop during this session)



During this session we will run numerous tools and utilities in your operating system on your PC and where necessary we will run some of our own software. Some of the tasks we carry out are as follows;



We can 'turn off' unnecessary services and remove unnecessary start-up programs


We will then 'test' your Anti-Virus software and scan your system for viruses and other malware/addware/spyware/crimeware


After assessing your registry we will clean up your database reposidtry


We will defragment the data on your hard-drive


Then check your security software making sure it is not draining your system resources


We will uninstall unwanted programs ensuring that all remnants are removed


We will check your 'Page File' settings


We will clear-down all files from all System Temp Directories


Then we will check your hard-drive for errors and if present our engineers will patch them up for you preventing data being saved to damaged areas


And then we will run our own utilities, and disk cleaner tools will be run to optimize your system and


(Viruse removal is charged between £5 - £100 depending on severity of infection)




All Other Desktop Services


All other services offered to Home Users and Business Desktop Users will be charged based on the time taken to resolve your issue/s.


There are hundreds of tasks you may request ranging from Upgrades, Updates/Hotfixes/Patches/Service Packs or similar. You may want us to deal with Browsers and Plugins, File Sharing, Messaging and Chat, File Transfer, Office and News, Developer Tasks, Anti-Spyware, Firewalls and Security, Cleaning and Tweaking, Compression and Backup, Benchmarking, Networking and Administration, Audio and Video, CD and DVD Tasks, Desktop, Imaging, Drivers, and many other possible requests.


We can also make sure that unwanted COM/ActiveX entries, Uninstalled entries, Font entries, Shared DLLs, Application Paths, Help File Info, Windows Start-up Items, File/Path References, Program Shortcuts, Empty registry Keys, and File Associations are all removed.


Each of the above mentioned tasks have different estimated resolution times and it is for this reason that the ITFortress will charge the following prices for desktop support;


£14.00 for the first half an hour

(Home User Support and Business Desktop Only)

£10.00 for the second half an hour

(Home User Support and Business Desktop Only)

£5.00 for every half an hour thereafter

(Home User Support and Business Desktop Only)




Business Desktop Support Services


In view of the in depth complexity and variety of IT Business Service's the ITFortress offer, and for the very fact that no two business environments are the same, we cannot possibly provide you with Business Support Charges before a Site Survey has been conducted. However, there are a number of fixed agreement charges that are applied detailed below;


As above, desktop services are charged accordingly.


Desktop PC Diagnostics Session


1 - 5 PCs are FREE

5 - 10 PCs £4.00 each

10 - 15 PCs £3.00 each

15 - 20 PCs £2.50 each

20 - 50 PCs £2.00 each


Then there are the other listed desktop tasks which are charged to the business as a one-off payment for support and are again based on time scales taken to resolve the clients issue/s.


£14.00 for the first half an hour

(Home User Support and Business Desktop Only)

£10.00 for the second half an hour

(Home User Support and Business Desktop Only)

£5.00 for every half an hour thereafter

(Home User Support and Business Desktop Only)




For All Other Business Services


For business Services relating to Data Recovery, Data Management, Data Back Up, IT Security, Network Support, Monitoring, and Other Network Services, Cable Management, IT Project Management, Migrations and Roll-outs, Server/Enterprise/Infrastructure Administration/Maintenance/Implementation/Design/Monitoring, Upgrades/Downgrades/Decommissioning/, and much much more, please call the ITFortress to arrange your FREE Site Survey.


We support one-man bands, Businesses operated from home, Small to Medium sized businesses, and Corporate Enterprise environments.






Maintenance Contracts are priced based on the service needed and the duration of the contract required. We provide monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, and yearly contracts ranging from remote/on-site desktop support to remote/on-site Server monitoring and administration. System monitoring and security, to Desktop PC/laptop system clean.

On going rolling or 'upon request' contracts are also considered. 


Migrations, Roll-outs, IT Projects, and service management requests will be priced based on project generated criteria. Please feel free to contact the ITFortress for a Free site survey, consultation, and quote.

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