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Have you ever wondered what your siblins or partners get upto on your PC/Laptop when you are not around????





How the software solution works



Two of the above matters are very serious and should not under any circumstances be tolerated, the other is unfair and disappointing but eitherway, this software covers all situations.

 We provide PC/Laptop monitoring software solutions for either your home PCs or your work desktops/laptops. The software solution we implement only currently works on a Microsoft Windows PC/Laptop which means you will have to have either Windows 98/2000 Pro/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7 installed on your computer.


Child Grooming is happening on millions of PCs around the world on children as young as 4 and is happening right now. The predator will target young children and will use Chat-Rooms or similar communication links over the Internet to lure his prey. On-Line bullying also happens all of the time, children receiving threats on Chat-Rooms and communication portals such as 'My Space' and 'Face Book', MSN, and standard emails.


So how does this software work? Firstly, I will detail below what this implemented solution can do;


Every Single Keystroke


If you need to know user names and passwords for any authentication area accessed on your PC, you can now have them. (Example: if your child logs into a Chat-Room with a user name and password then this software will capture this information for you.


Chats and Instant Messaging


The software will record all Chats and Messages conducted (both sides - sender and receiver) for the duration of the session/s. You will get to see both sides of the conversation and also have the power to block future access to those sites from your PC or laptop.


Every Email


You can monitor all sent and received emails conducted from your PC or laptop and a copy is also stored if the email is deleted. All of this logged information is stored in a secret location on your PC.


Every Website Visited


Not only is every website visited logged but also every page on that website and the duration of time spent on each page. This is particularly useful lets say if your child uses the Internet for home work, they sit on the PC for 2 hours and say that they have been doing there homework for the duration when really they have been chatting to there mates on-line. Trivial, I know, but a typical example!! Also, if you are not happy with some of the websites visited you can block them using the software, certainly if your teenager is visiting dating sites and being approached by strangers.


Everything they do on 'My Space' and 'Facebook'


Just think of it, what are they saying about me, who are they talking to, how many friends do they have and what are there friends like! Teenagers hangout on these websites and parents don't know who or what is going on because they don't even know the user names and passwords, until now. The best function about this area is that not only can you view standard activities but you can view account profiles and pictures. Some might say that this is an intrusion; you are merely making sure that your child is acting responsibly and if you own the PC or laptop being used then you have the right to install and monitor activities.


Website Search Log


This function allows you to see what they have been searching for using search engines like 'Google', 'Yahoo', 'AOL', and more, and why they are using certain search terms on the Internet.


Every Program Run


This feature gives you the ability to record every program (or application) run on your PC or laptop you are monitoring. You can find out if your kids are playing games, or doing there homework!! In the work place you can see what your staff are up to, are they using the expensive company software kindly provided to allow them to do there work, or are they surfing the web downloading and playing games.


Keywords Detected


This feature takes an active role in protecting your kids or employees with powerful Keyword Alerts. You simply create a list of "on alert" key words or phrases and the software does the rest. If any of your keywords are detected (in keyboard typing, URLs, web pages, emails, chat or instant messages), then the software will immediately send you an email Alert to warn of potential danger.


Top 10


This feature provides you with a top 10 summary report. It is now faster and easier then ever to see what your child or employee is doing on the PC and Internet. It will automatically sift through your recordings to create Top 10 Reports of the most important PC and Internet activities. See the Top 10 web sites they visit, on-line searches, people email was sent to, people they emailed, etc...




The advanced surveillance screen snapshot recording allows you to see not only what your children and employees are doing on the PC and Internet, but the exact order in which they do it, step-by-step.




If you decide that some or all of these functions would be benefit to you or your organisation then for the home user we will dispatch the software to your chosen postal address with simple installation instructions. We would then wait for your call and will configure your PC/Laptop using remote connection services. This means that whilst on the telephone to our engineers they will connect to your PC providing you have an established Internet connection and will configure the monitoring software solution for you. Whilst our engineers are doing this you will be able to see everything they are doing and they will tell you how to operate the software during configuration.


All you will have to do is install the software onto the target machine and then call our engineers, we'll do the rest for you.


So, the above software solution can be used to monitor your child's activities on-line helping you identify possible child grooming, or your teenagers activities making sure they are not arranging to meet up with complete strangers, or you can even monitor you partners activities and making sure they are not doing things they shouldn't.


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