Network Cables

Network cabling around your premises should ideally be hidden and of the right length and form factor.







Desktop Cables

Cable management around end-users desktop PCs is as important as any.







Data Centre Cables

Data cables in Data Centres should at all times be tidy, organised and correct.

When we run cables we not only consider the overall picture but we also take into account the finer details;


Bending Loads


At points that bend too much, the electrical properties of the cable change and reduce the transmission bandwidths and ranges.


Kink Stress


The most extreme bending loads can cause the cable to break.


Torque Strains (twisting)


These must never have an effect on the cable, as they drive the cable elements into one another and therefore impair the transmission properties.


Compressive Stress


Compressive stress is caused by loads bearing down from above, fixed clamping or sharp cable kinking and must always be avoided, as otherwise the “loose” cable structure changes and the electrical transmission properties are impaired.


Tensile Stress 


This is only determined by the copper cross-section of the conductor, as all other materials are too soft. If higher “pulling” forces are required, then cables with additional strain relief elements must be used.


The running of cables and cable management should be considered an art form as great attention to detail and discipline are required.


Customer-specific solutions not only require comprehensive expertise and top quality products, they also require professional support service and first-class quality of service.


Right from the beginning of every project, our engineers are standing by with advice and support. During the project planning phase, we carry out the most detail-exact planning, and based on platform technologies, we develop the tailored solution while taking the customer-specific requirements into account.


We provide individual engineering for complete customer satisfaction!


Global networking continues to grow at an unstoppable pace and constantly demands higher performance, innovative and technically ingenious networks and intelligent rack system platforms. These platforms represent the nodal points of these networks and create the interfaces between Internet, LAN and WAN.


A well structured cable management also plays a pivotal financial role in this networking, especially in the rack systems of the networks, servers and telecommunication. Data cables are high grade components in a cabling system and are an integral component in the overall system. Only when these »cables« are treated and laid properly, can their technical properties be used to their full potential.

With a wide range of system accessories, we implement with precise planning, the cabling electro-mechanical know how, installation and integration of components including complex systems. Naturally, our decades of experience gathered in the most diverse projects and industries, also comes into play here and demonstrates its benefits here.


power & network

cable management

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